Are you thinking of coming up with your website? Well, you could develop your website by either using web development principles or using a Content Management System. Web development is the process of creating a website for the internet which is the World Wide Web or intranet which is a private network.

It all depends on your preference and what exactly you picture to have. You could do it yourself or partner with an individual or company. TT Media Digital Agency is an example of a web design Singapore company that would assist you from scratch in making a website. An important factor to consider while developing a website is the design. One must make an attractive and quality design that is easy for the audience to read and understand.

Tips to ensure your website design and SEO is done right

You might have a very attractive website but the SEO might not be correctly done which would not make your website get recognized in the search ranking. Here are some of the tips to ensure your website design and SEO is done right.

1.     Easy navigation

Website navigation is more like a map to various parts or pages of a website. Good website navigation has separate sidebars, a footer with the contact details as well as physical addresses, and an organized menu with clickable links to various pages.

Remember to have a working search feature to make it easier for people to get whatever they are looking for on your website. This will motivate them to be visiting your website frequently when they need something else.

As we all know in business a happy and proud customer comes back with more customers. Easy navigation is important for SEO. In a way search engines, disregard websites rarely visited. If you have great navigation for your site, that means more visitors.

2.     A mobile-friendly website

For more website prosperity opt for responsive websites. These are the kind that looks great when opened on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Have you ever opened a non-responsive site and had to zoom in and out to see certain words? Well, now that’s a bad website design.

Responsiveness ensures that when going through your website using a mobile phone it will have a good layout and not look disarranged. When developing a website, you should consider having the desktop layout and the mobile layout.

A mobile-friendly website has large buttons and links that are easily tapped with a finger.  The best resolutions to be used on mobile, desktop, and tablet websites are 1920 * 1080, 1366 * 768, or 360 * 640 respectively.

For instance, using a responsive WordPress theme would also improve the performance of your website for mobile. The search engines also find it hard to rank non-responsive sites because of how hard they are to navigate through.

3.     Having high-quality content

When it comes to SEO for better search engine ranking, one needs to have high-quality content that targets a large audience. When adding content to your website take note of the relevant keywords that should be added. For every page, you design or redesign, the factor in question is what you want the audience to know or discover.

You could try to get a list of keywords by using Google Keyword Planner. All you have to do is give details about your website and you will get a suggestion list of related keywords. You could also base your content on the trending things in the tech world, business matters, health topics, lifestyle, gardening, and social life among many others.

This would earn you a good search rank after using the necessary keywords too. Note that increasing internal links and external links improve the visibility of a website or web page. This is because you are letting your audience get more content under one roof and suggesting more valuable content. The more visibility, the better your website becomes.

4.     Updating content frequently

When it comes to websites, updating content and features is a great way of maintenance. While updating you could be adding more blogs or articles that would increase your search rank and audience insight. This action also increases the traffic for your website.

As you update the content and maybe redesign, your website security should also be considered. This is to avoid viruses and hackers from tampering with your website and content. If your website has a section where the customers fill in their details, try to add SSL security or any other security protocol.

They keep customers’ details and transactions safe from outsiders. Having a secure website builds trust among your customers.

5.     Having a fast website load time

This is the maximum time taken for a web page to load. The best load time is at most 2 seconds. Having slow loading pages would piss customers and they may never want to visit your website or web pages. One can use Moz Pro Site Crawl to find out the slow-loading pages of his or her website. There are some ways one can be able to increase page speed. These ways include:

  • Having images and videos that are not of very high resolution
  • Using a content distributor network
  • Reducing the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files through compression
  • Avoiding the use of blocking JavaScript


When you come up with the idea of having your website, there are various factors you should consider. Some of these factors include the kind of content you want to deal with, the age bracket of your audience, the protocols to be used, the cost of domain and SEO skills. You could also hire writers to write articles for your website and publish them under your name.

While updating some features in the website, you should test it yourself using another device to ensure you got what you wanted. Using your friends’ or family member’s opinion also counts and helps you make the necessary corrections. You could also break the monotony of having written content only. You could add videos, visualizations, infographics, customer reviews, and social media links. If you need any assistant, consult the best Website Design and SEO Company.